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Far Cry 4 - Scooby Mad - 31-10-2014

My second most anticipated game this year after the new Assassins Creed. Have enjoyed every Far Cry, but 3 was sooooo much fun. This one looks like it goes to 11. Anyone else excited for it? Smile

Re: Far Cry 4 - KungFuStu72 - 31-10-2014

Yeah I enjoyed 2 & 3 and the blood dragons so I'll be getting this one.

Re: Far Cry 4 - AdeptusAce - 05-11-2014

3, although it was pretty visceral at points, was a really fun game.

Looking forward to seeing what they improve in this version.

Re: Far Cry 4 - KungFuStu72 - 19-11-2014

I had a few hours with it yesterday. It is very much an update of 3 rather than the great leap forward between 2 and 3. But the new location does give it it's own identity. It's all very familiar but at the same time quite different. I do love the open world free roaming aspect of the game so have really enjoyed the game so far. I managed to liberate my first outpost by accidentally enraging an elephant who did all of the killing for me. Smile

Re: Far Cry 4 - AdeptusAce - 09-02-2015

I really enjoyed the story in the third, not loving this one. The fact I've got my mum's ashes with me the entire time is ludicrous. However, I am loving the gameplay...

First outpost I come to, there's an elephant in a cage. An arrow up it's rear end, and it's taken out the entire outpost in a comical style (Cars thrown aside, people thrown at people - one guy went into orbit!)

Get taken to a cut scene, elephant nowhere to be seen afterwards... ho hum...

Second outpost I come to... there's an elephant trashing the place. Same Elephant? I think it's highly likely. Once again, I do NOTHING, but wait. Elephant takes out the outpost for me, one cut scene later and he's gone.... I'm hoping to find him at the next Outpost Smile

I then go for a stroll and come across a travelling merchant, who I sell all my loot to... about 30 seconds after I walk away from him, and eagle comes out of nowhere and kills him.

Brilliant Smile