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Halo: The Master Chief Collection - Scooby Mad - 04-11-2014

All four Chief games in one £40 package, given the 60fps and HD treatment. They've even done the remastered "Anniversary" treatment to Halo 2 too! Any of us going to be getting this and reliving those Halo 2 glory days? Wink Big Grin

Re: Halo: The Master Chief Collection - Will - 04-11-2014

This is the only reason I want an Xbox One. 120 multiplayer maps including loads of the old ones apparently. Gutted I won't be able to play it.

Re: Halo: The Master Chief Collection - Pres - 04-11-2014

I letting Santa do the honours with this one and aim to have a Ho Ho Halo Christmas playing all the SP's back to back.

Re: Halo: The Master Chief Collection - GarfSpaceman - 04-11-2014

I worry this will cause some very fractured multiplayer populations making it difficult to find a game on any map or mode. How do you decide which to play? Or is it a bundle where multiplayer is all 4 games' maps in one package? Please tell me if you buy it as if its the latter I may well jump in!

Re: Halo: The Master Chief Collection - AdeptusAce - 05-11-2014

I presume it's one multiplayer mode to rule them all, but with different playlists (like all the Halo 2 maps)

Re: Halo: The Master Chief Collection - Oxycutor - 05-11-2014

Halo is rubbish. I don't know what the fuss is about

Re: Halo: The Master Chief Collection - AdeptusAce - 07-01-2015

I've been hooked trying to complete the first Halo on single player on Heroic (I found legendary to be ridiculous) and have been pleasantly surprised with how much I've enjoyed it so far.

When I first played Halo single player on Xbox360 (I bought the original xbox version which was compatible on the 360) I played it on normal and only very little did I not use human weapons.

This time around, I've found that using the alien plasma weapons is essential against the covenant, but the shotgun is still the only real Flood deterrent you need.

I was surprised that Ghost's don't have the boost ability in the first game and that the Jackals didn't have the sniper rifles I'm used to (Were these introduced in Halo 2?)

Re: Halo: The Master Chief Collection - Pres - 07-01-2015

Halo CE looks and plays very smooth on XB1 having recently played the remastered anniversary edition on 360.

I have found a love for coop Halo on legendary. I recently played through the campaign an Halo 3 ODST with a friend and loved it. Yes, there are parts where it's hard work and annoying but, it never felt impossible. Sit back, keep cover as your friend and pick off the bad guys.

We are now planning more 360 Halo legendary with CE, Reach or Halo 4 the possible candidates.

Re: Halo: The Master Chief Collection - GarfSpaceman - 07-01-2015

I think I did 3 or 4 complete legendary run throughs of Halo 3 with various pigeons, it was amazing fun. Four people is the perfect amount as you can take it in turns to have one person way back so each time someone dies they respawn with the "protector" and take their place until the next person dies. Plus you get to throw sticky grenades at each other for laughs!

Re: Halo: The Master Chief Collection - AdeptusAce - 09-01-2015

Finished Halo on Heroic last night.

All in all, I've got a soft spot for the Halo 1 Campaign and I think Heroic is the sweet spot when it comes to difficulty on it. A few levels where I had to get a Banshee, I didn't kill everyone, I just sneaked up (or pegged it) and nicked the thing.

I then started the Campaign for Halo 2.

Previously I got about 80% of the way through the Halo 2 Campaign, and I never really minded the switching narrative.

I'm playing the Halo games (that are currently available to me on Xbone) in chronological order, so was really confused when at the start of the Halo 2 Campaign it was The Arbiter and a Spartan talking about tracking down Masterchief and then it went to the start of Halo 2 proper.

I understand they want to build up hype for Halo 5, and I guess it's a nice sneak peek for some, but personally, I felt it hurt the overall narrative to have a flash forward to events in 3 games time. I'm not looking forward to explaining all of that to my future co-op partner (a friend who's never played Halo Campaigns, only the multi)