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The Wolf Among Us (Multi) - Pres - 07-12-2014

The title of this game did nothing to lure me in. The cover art of this Telltale game also did not inspire. Recently I played season one of The Walking Dead and, really enjoyed it. I like the conversation choices in these Telltale games and, heard nothing but good comments about The Wolf Among Us. I took the plunge and purchased it on Xbox One. It can also be played on PS4, PC, Xbox 360, PS3 and PS Vita. I could not get enough of this game and, both wanted to finish the story and never have the game end in equal measure.

Based on the Fables comics, this follows the story of Bigsby the wolf who plays a detective upholding the law amongst the Fables. Fables, are fairytale characters that now live in New York amongst the mundies (regular humans like us). You play through the game using conversation trees mapped to the controller buttons to play out how the story goes. Characters you talk to will remember what you say and, the game will change (to a degree) based on how you act. Mixed in amongst this is some quick time events and, exploring scenes.

The story is brilliant and, I can't wait for season 2 which is coming in 2015. This is worth the full price of anyone's money and, a no brainer if it appears in a sale.

Re: The Wolf Among Us (Multi) - Will - 08-12-2014

I've enjoyed both seasons of The Walking Dead but I've promised myself I won't buy any other Telltale games until the full seasons are out as they inevitably go on offer for a season pass and the 2/3 month wait for episodes makes me forget where I'm up to a little bit. The full first season of this one is available is it? I might give it a go sometime soon if so.

Re: The Wolf Among Us (Multi) - KungFuStu72 - 09-12-2014

I played the first episode a while ago when it came out on the 360 and while I enjoyed it to a certain degree I couldn't get past the fact it was so blatantly obviously just a reskinned walking dead. Completely different subject matter and a wildly different story but it felt like I was playing exactly the same game.

Re: The Wolf Among Us (Multi) - Pres - 09-12-2014

Will, yes it is the whole thing start to finish with 5 episodes making up the season.