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#IDARB (Xbox One) - GarfSpaceman - 01-02-2015

I love this, it's silly, fun, infuriating, daft, customisable, stupid, weird and basically an 8 bit platform jumper 2D football/rugby thing. You can customise everything from what your team looks like, what song plays when you win and what your flag looks like. It's also free with Games with Gold so just get it and delete it if you hate it Smile

Re: #IDARB (Xbox One) - AdeptusAce - 02-02-2015

I picked this up and found it hard to put down. Was able to create the Darth Vader FanFare and various characters for a team in no time.

My only complaint with this game is that you can't team up with friends (online) or join a match with 7 other randoms.

The rest of it, from the addictive gameplay to the half time game, are great fun. Now I just need to get some "real life" friends to come over so I can thrash them.

Re: #IDARB (Xbox One) - GarfSpaceman - 02-02-2015

The online is lacking sadly, I have played some very fun and frantic matches but sadly only in 1vs1.

Re: #IDARB (Xbox One) - AdeptusAce - 03-02-2015

Same here Garf.

The people I have played with have been about my skill level and has always resulted in some good fun, however it sucks I can't play in a bigger team without having someone else in the same room as me. It's 2015 for heavens sake!

Re: #IDARB (Xbox One) - GarfSpaceman - 03-02-2015

It would be great if it had a party based tournament mode, get say 8 people, do league based 1v1s whilst everyone else watches and hashbombs!

Re: #IDARB (Xbox One) - GarfSpaceman - 08-02-2015

This doesn't lend itself well to playing drunk on cider in the middle of the night!

Re: #IDARB (Xbox One) - KungFuStu72 - 17-02-2015

It could of done with a brief tutorial as I didn't have a clue what was going on for my first couple of games.