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Chity Chat
Sorry to break up the rather strange chat above, just to tell you all know I am going away to Greece tomorrow afternoon for a week so if you don't see me on here or anywhere then you know where I am (not that I've posted much recently anyway!) Smile
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have fun Will.....dont smash too many plates!
Ahh, Will's gone all Mamma Mia.

Enjoy your holiday mate ;D
Its me Presariofu. 
Have fun. Wink
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I had a great time thank you all. Cruised up to Mexico city via buses and hitchhiking then met a couple of awesome girls in Mexico City, travelled with them and then went to Cuba with one of them for 2 and a half weeks. Awesome stuff.

Nice to be caving people in on GTA though!
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Good morning my fine feathered friends. How are we all doing today then? I feel as if I haven't slept at all but I know I have. Oh well, have fun at work and stuff and if anyone gets on your nerves just start coo'ing at them ;D
Big day today, big match against Richard Huish college!

Should be a close one, start at 1:15 so wish me luck! And have fun at your respective works Smile

Tomorrow is Friday, and after that is the weekend!
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Well I am aching from an intensive dance rehearsal last night. Why do I do these things!?!?

Thankfully I am sitting at my desk today, thinking back to breakfast where I had a bowl of Lucky Charms Smile and looking forward to getting home and having a proper go on Catan.

Good luck with the match Koma!
never really left Greenvale
My office is too warm and there are too many bits of paper on my desk. However it is a bank holiday weekend this weekend so the thought of that is keeping me sane. Have a good one everyone and good luck Komacyde Smile
"The sun is shining the weather is sweet yeah, it makes me wanna move my dancing feet,"

Or at least leave work and go outside. If I have to look at the same spreadsheet this afternoon that I've been working on all week I think I'll go insane! The worst part being that I know that I will have to.

Good luck in the match Komacyde. Perfect weather for it.
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