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Where do you buy your games
I have long since left the high street and, the traditional brick and mortar stores (or prefabricated aluminium and glass as they are now) and, pick up all my games online.

I am still aside from on PC with Steam/Origin a disc based buyer as opposed to downloader due as much to the digital prices compared to a physical copy. If the digital versions were not sold at full RRP, I would probably move a percentage of my purchasing over. I buy digital PSN/XBL titles but, in those instances, there is no choice of buying a physical copy anyway. I have no issue with digital and, not seeing a box, it all comes down to price. If you buy 12 games a year and, don't pay the digital prices, you will save the cost of at least one of those games over the course of the year.

Now, for as long as I remember and, due to our feathered Leg of Time, I used Shopto for around 95% of my purchases, only changing retailer if someone was doing a very good offer. Sadly, Shopto have got a little bit big for their boots and, whilst the processing service was still good, prices have crept up and, customer service has plummeted. A couple of issues in the run up to Christmas with delivery and, some very bad and, rude customer service has caused me to re-evaluate who I use for games having cancelled over £200 of pre-orders with Shopto.

I am not mad keen on Game and, whilst not having any bad experiences don't really use them and, very rarely browse their online store. For a few PC download codes, I have used Simply Games and, they have always provided the CD key by return instantly and, everything has worked and, at a good price usually cheaper than the Steam store prices. They currently have COD Ghosts of PC at £19.99.

After a bit of deliberation and, based on price I have put in a pre-order with Simply Games for Tomb Raider Definitive Collection on PS4 for £36.85 which, is a very nice price. They claim to despatch for you to have the game on day of release so, I can report further on 31/1/14.

Does anyone here use Amazon for pre-orders or, a company called The Game Collection or, Green Man Gaming as, these are all other alternatives for my online game shopping going forward.
Its me Presariofu. 
I used amazon for GTA V and they got it to me on release day. They were the cheapest for it at the time. Not my usual source for games though, I usually use a price comparison site called find games and pick the cheapest supplier. Mind you I rarely buy on release day any more.
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Mainly Amazon or Game, I was attempting to get back into Game but they really buggered up my CoD Ghosts preorder (I moved between ordering and despatch, they said it was too hard to change the dispatch address and just cancelled it without my consent). I haven't used them since, though I will buy whichever next gen I get from them for the loyalty points Smile
Mainly been ShopTo for me. And because they use Royal Mail for games they actually get stuff here first time. I had to stop using Amazon because of how difficult it was to get anything delivered. Amazon will just be books on the Kindle from now on.

I'm still a impulse shopper mainly, so still prefer to wander around town, but HMV has gone, Gamestation has also gone, only Game remains, and like gamestation it looks more like a brightly coloured charity shop, as it's all second hand stuff. Unless its AAA it's hard to find anything brand new.
GarfSpaceman Wrote:though I will buy whichever next gen I get from them for the loyalty points Smile

Shopto have stopped giving loyalty credit on consoles. They put it in the smallest print and, not far off white text on a light grey background to say this on the site.

Hardware has been all I have bought on the high street for years.
Its me Presariofu. 
I still tend to stick with ShopTo, though I have had some botched orders from them over the last year or two. My copy of ACIII was two weeks late.
As I've been working through my backlog of 360 games recently I've not browsed the on-line shops and bought a game for a while.
So I thought I'd get myself something to play on my new console but that's proven to be trickier than I thought.
Shopto (and other online retailers) don't want to make life easy for me. There's no where I can go and get a simple list of what games they've got in stock. You click on "Xbox One" - "In Stock" and you get a list of consoles, headsets and memberships with a smattering of games. For just games you have to pick a genre and the list is then polluted with future releases. It's crap, I just want a list of all your Xbox One games that you've got in stock, ready to ship.
And it's not just ShopTo, SimplyGames and other seem to be doing the same thing. And my old reliable <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- w --> is no longer reliable as they don't seem to list everything. At this rate I might end up on the High Street or buying games on demand. :o
I don't think anyone wants you to shop like that. None of the sites I use have any kind of filter to show in stock, low to high prices or, by release date. They mix it all in together to make you browse all their items on sale.

Who knows, maybe you want a blue controller whilst looking for the latest Lego games Wink
Its me Presariofu. 
I ended up at the website, they seemed to be the only ones that actually listed their in-stock games in their own section. I also had some old points that needed using up before they went out of date.
The other sites are fine if you know what you want but they don't exactly encourage browsing and as a consequence they lost my business.
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So on Friday, I found that I would have a free evening so thought "great, I can clock some of the games I already have... and watch some House of Cards"

However, I happened to discover that Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires was out. I'm a huge fan of the Empire games and DW in general, so this was a must for me.

Online it was available for £30, Xbox Store and in store at retailers £40.

In the end, I went with Click N Collect at Argos. Cost me £30 and I was able to play the game that night. Result.

I think for games I want to get a copy to play that evening, Argos might be the way forward for me.

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