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Where do you buy your games
Anything new in DW8 or is it still a slaughter fest?
[Image: KungFuStu72.jpg]
Well it's Empires - so you get all the "strategy" elements to it.

This time round you can create a new custom character and insert them into a scenario. You start off as a "free officer" (so basically, you don't serve anyone) and can go around doing quests (protect/attack people, steal stuff without being noticed, etc.) or interact with officers in the province you're currently in.

After gaining in strength and fame, you will be invited to serve one of the rulers or you can try to form a new empire for yourself in the province you're currently in.

I finished the yellow turban scenario on easy and it wasn't too challenging after I'd levelled up and got some allies. Doing the next scenario on normal and am currently serving Dong Zhuo (who's basically a C**T)

It's still the same hack and slash gameplay, but with strategies you can call on mid battle (which range from small cost strategies that increase your health/attack/speed/defence to large ones which set bases on fire)

I for one enjoy it and it's one of those "just 5 minute more" games which end up taking you to 1 in the morning.
I get mine on Amazon, with prime it's next day delivery.

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