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Alien Isolation
The first two Alien films have a special place in my heart, so I was always going to pick up this game.

I hadn't intended getting it for full price, as I already have a similar game I'm yet to complete (Outlast)

However, those b*stards at game sent me an email with an offer on it, and I caved in like a Chilean mine.

I've played up to the point where the Alien comes out to play for the first time and this is a game that so far is really sticking close to it's roots. I find myself looking behind my back all of the time, even when there's no sign of the Alien, I'm just waiting for it to turn up and say hello.

My first encounter proper with the beast ended in my death. a word to the wise, you can't outrun the Alien, even if you turn corners.

The Alien had turned up and ran off to kill some humans I'd left wandering about, so I thought I'd sneak past it. However, I didn't do a very good job at sneaking as it saw me from quite a way away and then started running towards me. There weren't any lockers to hide in or places to go, so I thought I'd just try and make it to the elevator... I didn't see the alien running behind me, but I could hear it catching up. It was great.

And when it finally did catch me, my xbox decided to record it for prosperity.

If you're a big fan of Alien, this is the game for you. Colonial Marines, this game aint.
I got the email from Game and figured Alien Isolation must of had really poor initial sales if they're already flogging copies this cheap. And that's always a worry. I also worry about games that are too close to their source material movies. Is there enough game going on? How have they turned a short 2 hour movie into a 20 hour game?
[Image: KungFuStu72.jpg]
A lot of the reviews I read stated that it gets long in the tooth and that the game can be unfair at points.

There are some minor disappointments in the fact you don't cast a shadow and there's no jump button (probably to make it less comical)

But I'm really appreciating the amount of effort they've gone into to make this as close to the material as possible. The music/sfx/visuals are all spot on. It really does feel like both an extension to the film and a little bit like a nod to Dead Space (which itself is a homage to Alien).

There's no way I'd have paid full price and with the two pre-order dlc included I felt it was a bargain... granted, this game will most definitely be in the bargain bin/sales for xmas/jan - so hold off till then unless you're desperate to play this.
If the Alien doesn't terrify you, the Yule Brenner's on the space station will.

I've just got to the point where the Androids are introduced into the game, and they are creepy as hell. I'm trying to sneak past a load of them at the moment and got myself into a locker - then suddenly the locker opens and one of them is strangling me.

Luckily, unlike the Alien, you CAN outrun these westworld'ers.
Came back to this last night... for five minutes.

I LOVE this game, but playing it scares the bejeezus out of me.

I went out a room, turned right. Suddenly a pipe explodes and starts spewing fire. That made me jump. Then before I can recover, the Alien grabs me from behind. That made me utter an expletive in horror.

Game off, different game put on.

I've not even looked at the DLC for this...

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