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Dragon Age Inquisition
Getting good reviews so far and sounds like it's HUGE! Anyone looking at trying it out? I didn't get on with Dragon Age 2, but the first was fantastic! Smile So will be picking this up at some point.
[Image: scooby.jpg]
The 2nd one really turned me off, but the first was quite fun.

I'll have my 6 hours of gameplay on EA ACCESS and then decide after that.
Just read that the 6 hour trial is on EA Access now - yes please! Big Grin
I've sunk 2 hours in, here's what you need to know.

*It's definitely in your interest to have played the first two games or spend 20 mins on the online Dragon's Keep to shape out the backstory and get yourself familiar with who's who in this game.

The opening is pretty meh to be honest, I found myself indifferent to what was going on and the feeling I was playing the tutorial was overhanging my enjoyment.

However, once you've closed your first Oblivion Gate Wink the game opens up a bit. The inclusion of a jump button is very welcome and the open world of the Hinterland that you get to play in the trial is a nice starting local.

There is plenty to do, lots of side missions and the combat feels good. It's also not easy peasy. I'm playing on normal, and my whole party was wiped out at one point.

This game is well worth a go if you're after some RPG goodness. At the very least, if you have EA access, give the 6 hour trial a go. All your progress for the full game is saved if you do make the leap.
I have not played Dragon Age before but, added this to my Crimble list.

I have EA access but have avoided just in case I don't like the game. Would rather find out with the full copy than with the trial.
Its me Presariofu. 
I'm 15 hours in on this now, really fun RPG with plenty to do. Nuff said.

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