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The Crew (Multi)
Installing my PC copy now! Had a great time with the beta and am a big fan of open world racers. Anyone else going to be playing on PC format? My username is the same everywhere!

Happy driving folks
So how is it?

I read a pretty damming review that complained about the micro transactions and the fact that you're stuck in your starting car for 80% of the game. If you do save up and buy a new set of wheels you can only use them in specific races.

I like the idea of a massive area to race in but that failed big time in the game Fuel and from what's been said it kind of fails here as well - bigger is not always better.
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I have not played it. The beta comments were enough to take it off my Crimble list.

It has also not reviewed well. I'm waiting on a cheap version once it's been patched. Apparently, the waypoint markers fly about in the sky and can confuse as to what way you should go. I can see that as a first to last place issue when racing.
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I've read a few comments that the handling is crap and it doesn't make a difference if you're either on or off road. So sounds a lot like Forza Horizon 2!
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I've had very little in the way of issues with it so far and am having a pretty good time. The handling is very different when on/off road, so there's no worries there! I've got a few different cars in the garage now and have only just made it to Miami in the story missions, so that doesn't seem an issue either. The only annoying thing is that there's a fair bit of rubber banding during some of the races.
Game were doing a weekend offer on this for £22 so I caved.

Best way to describe this is a cross between Need For Speed and Test Drive Unlimited. I've done quite a few "missions" but prefer just exploring.

My major gripe with this is the cops - the arrest timer is way too unforgiving. In the NFS titles, if you sit next to a cop car you've probably got 30 secs or so, this one it's more like 5-10. Mother truckers...
My copy should arrive today.
Its me Presariofu. 

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