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Game of Thrones (Multi)
After the fun I had with The Wolf Among us and, The Walking Dead I picked up the season pass on this. Only episode one is out at the moment with the other episodes releasing between now and summer 2015. I have never purchased one of these games up front but, having loved the TV series, decided to take the plunge.

I'm playing on XB1 and the art style is a blend of drawn and photo realistic. It's like they dumbed down the realistic graphics with and oil painting overlay. It works well.

Thus far in episode one which I completed (about 3 hours gameplay) you actually control three characters all linked to the Forrester house. Whilst not appearing in the TV show, they are in the books (I have heard, I only read the first Game of Thrones book) and were loyal banner men to the Starks. In all honesty, they share a lot of links with the Stark family.

The game is as brutal as the TV show and, was good fun to play. It does add an edge that your game choices are at times life or death. I have enjoyed episode one and, am looking forward to how the series pans out.

If you have not watched the TV show, this game will be very confusing as, it is said to bridge series 3 and 4 and, is already talking about the red wedding.
Its me Presariofu. 
I'm excited about playing this but won't bother until the full season is out so I don't have to wait for new episodes and I can get it on offer. Glad to hear it is decent - most reviews seem to be positive.

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