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Batman Arkham Knight
Was surprised I couldn't find a thread for this, looks like it's going to be the "big game" that's become normal to release around E3 this year. I've loved the Rocksteady Batman games and whilst not as good, thought Origins got a bad time of it. This one looks bloody gorgeous, my only concern is that apart from the Batmobile there doesn't look to be too many changes. But then "if it ain't broke" plus everything does seem to be turned up to 11 for what's supposed to be Rocksteady's last crack at the bat. Im very much looking forward to getting stuck into this in a couple of weeks, anyone else? [emoji3]
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I have yet to finish any of these games. I found City got crazy with the button mashing.

Will def be giving this a go though!
I loved Arkham Asylum but hated Arkham City. I have only played 45 minutes of Arkham Origins but, have never been back to it after buying cheap in a Steam sale.

Whilst this looks superb, it has no chance of getting any day one purchase out of me. If it is like Asylum where the story was on rails yet appeared open world I might consider it in the future. If it's a big sandbox metropolis, I will never purchase.
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I'll definitely be picking this up as I loved both Asylum and City completing both at least twice (storywise) however given how they have hacked the game to pieces for pre-order and retailer exclusives I'll be awaiting the inevitable GOTY edition.
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I have gone back to Asylum on the PC (originally played it on PS3) and it looks and plays mighty fine. Get involved in the hype without the need for a new game on the pile of shame Wink
Its me Presariofu. 
This is one of the few games I got the Platinum trophy in. So much fun. Not sure I liked it as much as Arkham City, the batmobile tank sections were not to my taste...
Its on the to play list. Have dabbled a little on PC before getting on PS4 as the PC version is very broken. Used it as a demo as, I got the game and season pass for under a tenner.

Main thing I have played on PC is the time trials in the batman in the additional content. Nothing like driving the 60's batmobile :-)
Its me Presariofu. 

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