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Elite: Dangerous
In case you're wondering this is the latest version of Elite, an update of the original 80s game and the latest instalment of a 30 year old franchise. It's basically the same game all over again with some updated graphics and gameplay. For those who've never played Elite, or Frontier Elite or Frontier First Encounters it's a space trading game that takes place in a full scale version of our own milky way.

The problems with a 1:1 full scale model is that distances are vast. And because the game uses realistic(ish) physics to power you around the galaxy travel takes quite a bit of time. The old games handled this by employing time compression, something that's easy to do in a single player game. But Elite: Dangerous is trying to be a massive multiplayer game so time compression is out and you've got some form of hyperdrive to blast you around star systems. The trouble is you might arrive on the wrong side of a solar system, millions of miles away from the space port you need to get to. And you've got to fly across the system yourself. Which can take 5 minutes of doing nothing. Which makes for pretty boring gameplay.

The game has been released as part of the Xbox One preview program. If you buy it now it's only £25 rather than full price but it is not officially complete (it's only got 15 achievements worth 355GS Sad ). You can try the 1 hour demo but be warned you will almost definitely pop an achievement during the demo.

Frontier Elite was a game that I loved earlier in my life. I'm not loving the remake at the moment but then I haven't flown back to earth yet. I've also not tried the persistent online worlds but I fear running into a bunch of griefers.
I also have this and it's a time sink

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