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Rainbow Six Siege
Ive been playing this almost all the time I can get on my PS4. Its the most fun I've had in a multiplayer shooter since Left 4 Dead. Just reached rank 50 and cannot wait for the DLC early next month! Anyone else checked this out? Big Grin
I have been very tempted to grab this. My gaming has evolved over the last couple of years to be more multiplayer than single player. Even fancy the fact this game is more serious compared to other shooters.

Trouble I have at the moment is Im am a slave to Destiny and, nothing else has really been in my PS4 or XB1 since 12th December last year. In fact, the disc has not left the PS4.

Might grab a copy at some point to play the mode with friends/randoms against the terrorists. Good training for real life LOL.
Its me Presariofu. 
If I had more chance to game I would get this. Problem is that I don't get much chance to game. Most of my gaming is in the vita lunch time at work.

With the new kid as well (6 weeks old), my PS4 has not been on since before Christmas

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